Developing a list of photoshoot rules

So I am kind of heading a homestuck photoshoot and thought of some good rules to put at the top of the topic.

  • Do not throw a bucket (or anything) at anyone.
  • Be mindful of your body paint, it can and probably will get over everything you touch.
  • If you bring a wheelchair as a prop, be respectful to those who actually need them and do not use it to your advantage if you can walk.
  • Bike horns echo and can be annoying honk them sparingly.
  • Before you do anything to anyone, ask for permission, this includes but is not limited to: kissing, hugging and glomping.
  • Do not push anyone down the stairs.
  • Homestuck is full of jokes/memes please do not harrass anyone with them.

 These are the  ones I’ve though of so far. Does this cover everything? I’d love to have some suggestions and such.

This this, these are wonderful.

Another thing to be mindful of, if you read some of the homestuck stories from the old Weeaboo Stories, you probably heard of an incident involving a photoshoot at Akon, there was one Tavros and a ‘Dave Pyramid’, most of the people were yelling at the Tavros to get on the top of the pyramid but he just wasn’t comfortable with it.

With this of it is important to, similar to asking for permission, is to not harass someone into doing a photo they’d rather not do. If someone isn’t comfortable with it, you’re definitively going to see it in the photo.

Basic Panel Etiquette

Homestuck panels (or any panels, really!) can get out-of-hand and are complex to manage. However, there’s a proper way to run them- and a proper way to conduct yourself when you attend them. This is a good read for anyone hoping to do a Homestuck panel, or anyone also hoping to ATTEND a Homestuck panel as well.

Please check here for the guide.


Planning on cosplaying as Karkat and acting in character while you’re at it? Here are a few SUPER SHINY SWEARING GUIDLINES to keep you from being that one tremendously embarrassing and unintentionally rude person at a meet-up. 

1) Use good judgement. Are you at a convention or are you located at a public park where parents are taking their children for a stroll? At huge conventions, the noise might drown you out a little and the setting is one where it is slightly more acceptable to cuss, but if you’re at a meetup in a public place where passerbys would look at you funny just for dressing up as characters from a webcomic, please refrain from making yourself look like a rude jackass. Swearing excessively may result in you getting kicked out of whatever establishment you’re in.

2) Still want to be in character while cosplaying as Karkat at a public area? No prob! What most fans fail to acknowledge is that Karkat is not some sort of angry little Pokemon called Fuckeroo that is only capable of saying “FUCK FUCK FUCK SHITHOLE” over and over again. Check his pesterlogs again and you’ll see that he’s absurdly colorful and innovative in his insults. (Poke around tumblr a bit— there was a list going around that had compiled many of Karkat’s insulting metaphors)

3) Troll anatomy! Bonebulge, seedflap, bucketspewer— go crazy. They sound appropriately angry and people can tell that they’re meant to be offensive, but they’re much better substitutes in lieu of insults pertaining the human anatomy, especially the c-word.  

4) You can sound angry without shrieking into the air as though it personally kicked you in the bulge. Screaming at the top of your lungs is a terrible idea. You’ll get a sore throat, possibly lose your voice, be regarded as extremely annoying by pretty much everyone, and may even be ejected from the convention or the public area that you’re in.

Practice a voice tone that sounds pissed off without going above regular speaking volumes. Pretend you’re trying out for a voice audition, even! You wouldn’t want to SCREAM OUT THAT SENSITIVE LITTLE MICROPHONE. We want to hear you channel your inner grumpy Karkat, not how freakin’ loud you can make yourself heard.

Basic Con Etiquette: Touching and Photo taking.

This is something I don’t see very many people coming to grips with, regardless of the fandom, at any and all conventions.

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Bucket Protection Brigade

I was thinking of forming a sort of project:

The Bucket Protection Brigade

In order to prevent fan jackassery from harming other people at conventions, people could keep an eye on congoers holding empty buckets and approaching Karkat cosplayers. Not just Karkat cosplayers; There have been accounts of people throwing buckets at people cosplaying Vriska, and undoubtedly other characters as well.

If a bucket-holder starts to make a movement of throwing it at a cosplayer, then intercept it by getting it between. It’s much worse for a person to be caught off guard by a hard bucket in the face because they’re not expecting it and can’t prepare for the hit. I’d like to protect unaware fans so that they won’t end up having to suffer injuries during their con experience.

Another important part of the Bucket Protection Brigade: If someone throws their bucket at a cosplayer and you are too late to stop it, check to see if the victim is okay and report it to con security immediately if they have been seriously hurt. I cannot stress this enough.

It’s not humorous when someone’s been hit by a bucket. It goes in the same category as overenthusiastic charge-glomping. It’s assault, and people can get seriously hurt from it.

Please help spread awareness by reblogging. For the sake of preventing fan jackassery from seriously hurting others.